Anonymous asked:

My first time having sex was with my younger cousin. Mainly because I don't have brother but also because I just got puberty so I was a horny fucker and also u knew u could get home to do it and now I'm 28 and he's 23 we are still fucking

That’s the great thing about gay incest :)


conejerow asked:

Hi! I've noticed you got a lot of questions related to if if feels different or smth. I've had sex with my older brother too, long time ago when we were teenagers and I liked you're last response: it feels like it: sex. Just sex. The fact he's your brother doesn't add some weird flavor or feeling any different to other men's sex. It feels just like two men having glorious sex, the kissing, the rubbing, the lubbing hahaha. And all those things we all do to our partners.

inlovewithmybrother answered:

Ah, finally someone who understands :P

I mean, sure, things might feel more intimate with someone you love compared to someone you don’t have romantic feelings for, but at the end of the day it is just sex. No special trick to it, nothing really different.

Hit the nail on the head…

Anonymous asked:

My older brother pulled me over and talked to me, and I ended up sucking him off... It was awesome but I really don't know how to feel about it right now.. help?

You clearly enjoyed it, so if I were you, I would feel pretty good about it :)

Anonymous asked:

Well what age do you have to be over?

If there’s a significant age difference, then whatever age is legal in a given jurisdiction, unless it’s between brothers or cousins who are of similar age, in which case I see it as no different than if they were two teenagers who were not related and fooling around together.

Anonymous asked:

You don't have a very firm idea of what you're supporting. You don't have a reference level abuse.

You’re completely wrong. What I support is consensual sex between people who are capable of consent. If there is no consent, or anyone involved is not capable of rationally offering consent due to age or coercion, then it’s abuse. I wouldn’t have sucked my stepbrother’s cock for six years if either of us thought we were being abused.

Anonymous asked:

I used to have sex with my brother for about Wight years. Mostly mutual blowjobs, Well mostly me blowing him, but he did return the favor. We tried anal a few times, but just putting om Some lotion and stikking it in, doesn't work for a first time. It's years later now. He has a wive and children. We never talked about it again. Eventhough if he wanted to I would suck him again and Since I now know how to he could fuck me senseless.

Unfortunately, for a lot of guys - especially straight guys - male incest is a sort of phase they grow out of, as was the case with my stepbrothers. But it’s better to have had it before than never to have had it at all!

naughtyphx asked:

I'm super interested in this topic. I have no incest experiences but I want to emerse myself in more blogs like yours. Where can I look?


inlovewithmybrother is another good one, maintained by an 18yo guy in Australia who’s in a long-term relationship with his older brother.