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You don't have a very firm idea of what you're supporting. You don't have a reference level abuse.

You’re completely wrong. What I support is consensual sex between people who are capable of consent. If there is no consent, or anyone involved is not capable of rationally offering consent due to age or coercion, then it’s abuse. I wouldn’t have sucked my stepbrother’s cock for six years if either of us thought we were being abused.

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I used to have sex with my brother for about Wight years. Mostly mutual blowjobs, Well mostly me blowing him, but he did return the favor. We tried anal a few times, but just putting om Some lotion and stikking it in, doesn't work for a first time. It's years later now. He has a wive and children. We never talked about it again. Eventhough if he wanted to I would suck him again and Since I now know how to he could fuck me senseless.

Unfortunately, for a lot of guys - especially straight guys - male incest is a sort of phase they grow out of, as was the case with my stepbrothers. But it’s better to have had it before than never to have had it at all!

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I'm super interested in this topic. I have no incest experiences but I want to emerse myself in more blogs like yours. Where can I look?


inlovewithmybrother is another good one, maintained by an 18yo guy in Australia who’s in a long-term relationship with his older brother.

From a follower :)

I stumbled upon your tumblr while looking for incest vids. I LOVE that you have a place where guys can be open about it. I have some experience but have never told ANYONE and I would love to share my story with you. I have had an incesteous relationship with two of my cousins and my brother. I’ve known I was gay since I came out of the womb lol. It started when I was in the 5th grade and cousin moved across the street. He was in then 7th grade. We started hanging out all the time. He wasn’t gay and never acted bi or anything until one day when we were playing horse (basketball) in the back yard. Well it was my shot and I missed and he said I had to try and make it again or take the penalty (which was sucking his dick). So clearly basketball soon became my new favorite activity. I would miss on purpose just so I could suck him off and he did the same. Then we started messing around without the excuse of a penalty in basketball. We would go jogging down the back roads (I live in the middle of nowhere) and we would go in the woods and suck eachother off after a nice run. Then one weekend he wanted me to stay the night with him but I was scared. He finally talked me into staying with him and at this point I was in the 6th grade and lost my virginity to my cousin. It was very painful but I enjoyed every second of it. Then he started dating girls and we have never talked about it again to this day. I’m now 25.

So now I knew I loved cock and I wanted more. My brother and I would cuddle and stuff like that sometimes when we would watch movies or anything like that. So when I was in the 10th grade and he was in the 8th we started messing around. Basically we were cuddling watching tv and I just started sucking him off to see what would happen. It was terrifying but luckily not only was he ok with it he gave me a bj too! This went on for about a year. We would make out and give eachother blowjobs but we never fucked :(

Then I graduated high school and started college at this point I was wanting to come out of the closet but was scared of what my family would say. So I started talking to my moms cousin. He is openly gay and in his 40’s. He is very manly, with a muscular hairy chest, chiseled abs, and just a rugged look about him. I went to his house to talk about me being gay. He had no idea that I was gay and was willing to help and be my mentor during the coming out process. well…it didn’t take long for him to offer me a blow job but I declined. I told him I really appreciated it but I wanted him to fuck me. This shocked him but we ripped eachothers clothes off and he pushed me to the floor. He fucked me right then and there on the living room floor. Our relationship went on for about 3 years. It was very nice. Anytime I wanted he would let me stay over at his place. Have a drink or two and just make love. He started seeing someone which I completely understood so we stopped fucking. We would still occasionally give eachother blowjobs but eventually that stopped too. I miss our relationship a lot. I was in love with him and I still hope to this day that we will have fun with eachother again in the future.

the result of these experiences

i had sexual experiences with my older brother but I could only love him as brother and no more. I respect him since he loves women that I would never have intercourse with him. instead just did cock rubbing and mutual jack-offs. it stopped though when he started to lose interest and mostly since we got caught. it was all initiated by me and only just confirmed my love for men!