Two cousins touching each other in the shower…

It’s videos like this that often turn me on the most because honestly, this is how most male incest starts out. Two brothers sharing a room, or a cousin sleeping over, or two guys in the same family accidentally seeing each other naked and letting their sexual feelings and curiosity about each other’s cocks guide them to what they know is natural and healthy exploration and pleasuring of each other’s bodies.

While I started sucking my step-brother early on, most of our early experiences involved simple touching and feeling, often with him coming into my room at night, telling me to “feel it” and then waiting for me to move my hand up the leg of his shorts or through the waistband of his sweatpants and grab his already hard cock while he did the same with me. Even later on, after sucking had become the usual thing, we would sometimes lay in bed just holding each other’s cocks. Some of those nights, with both of us naked and caressing each other’s dicks, are among my fondest memories.

When it comes to male-male sex, there should be no incest taboo. Nobody should be coerced into doing something they don’t want to, but nobody should be pressured into not doing what they do want to, either. Sexual curiosity and play is a natural thing between males in the same family and shouldn’t be restricted but enjoyed to the fullest extent and appreciated for the wonderful experience it is!

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